Product Overview

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Document Genetics have a document management product toolkit, which can be used in isolation, or in their entirety, to address document related issues within an organisation. Unlike many other companies, we don’t brand this tool kit of products and services under an all encompassing umbrella, charge a premium and hide the true identity of the component parts; we prefer to take industry standard technology (at the right cost) and make it work reliably and efficiently.

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Whether you need an entire document management system or you have customised needs, we can provide a range of business automation solutions - Click here to download our Software Overview Brochure.

Core Products and Applications




Document Genetics are a software and professional services company focused on document management & business process automation by using our rapid development “toolkit” to dramatically reduce deployment time and implementation cost. All our solutions are scalable and can be delivered across cloud, mobile, hybrid or on-premise:

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Hendrickson take the high
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Hendrickson Europe are the world’s leading supplier of truck, tractor,and trailer air suspension systems.
Achieving cost savings from day one, Formate & infoRouter automatically processes all AS/400 ERP documents, including copy invoices & credit notes.