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For many companies the tasks and activities involved with Paper or Digital based documents are very time consuming and expensive.

But to remain competitive, every company needs to consistently increase efficiency, adapt to changing business needs and reduce human error by improving their business processes.

Business processes are a set of linked activities & tasks required to deliver an organisations services or products and Document Genetics helps to automate those business processes involving Digital or Paper based document 

For over 17 years, our suite of business automation software has helped hundreds of customers (from banks to manufacturers) automate those business processes involved with Paper and Digital documents in two main areas:

Firstly, we have a world-class document management product called infoRouter which offers storage, retrieval and management of any paper or digital documents around your business. It was originally developed for the aerospace industry so it is an exceptionally robust product (used by over 400,000 users) which addresses compliance and records management standards, plus the efficiency of storing or retrieving the required business information is dramatically improved and costs are reduced in the process.

Secondly, Formate eVo works with the output generated by a company’s back office software system (sometimes called an ERP system). It can intelligently create, design & deliver documents via the preferred output method such as email, SMS or print. By engaging with customers with relevant customised messages the overall impact and customer experience is improved, plus the ability to email documents rather than post them can save huge amounts of money.

We deliver these products with a very experienced pre and post sales team which provide high levels of customer support by seeing things from a customer’s perspective and this leads to long term relationships with our customer base.

So in essence, we focus on improving business efficiency and delivering cost savings by automating business processes surrounding most forms of documentation.

Putting together the complete product solution 

altOur Core Buisness Automation Products and Applications are: 


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