Document-Genetics-GlobeWhat is ERP Output Management Software?

10th May 2016

The timely delivery of documents to any business is critical, be it an invoice so that you are paid on time, or an urgent purchase order to buy vital stock.

Output Management is all about improving the way you generate and deliver documents from your ERP system. According to independent research by the Gartner Group, Forms and Document management can cost up to 15% of a company's total revenue.

Output Management systems, such as Formate eVo, give a company the ability to replace the majority of its traditional paper based systems by providing distributed information electronically where and when it is needed and in the format required (MS Excel / Word, HTML5, PDF, email, sms, fax, FTP, etc.) - Ken Rollands, IT Consultant for Garbuio Dickinson (who design and manufacture Primary Processing Equipment) recently said "Purchasing Formate ERP Output Management Software was the best IT investment ever."

Users of ERP systems are no longer satisfied with congested line printer reports, printed centrally, which then require distribution to their final destination. In addition, standard output often needs a considerable amount of redesign in order to produce the report a user will actually use. This is even more critical with documents that are distributed to customers or suppliers.

Key areas addressed by ERP Output Management Software:

  • Capture output from your legacy application in a variety of ways including file submission or through a virtual printer, so normally no changes will be required to your legacy applications.
  • Modify standard printed output into the format required e.g. add or remove fields, incorporate logos, change fonts, add signatures or bar-codes.
  • Conditional processing allows documents to be tailored to your customers' needs (every customer can receive a personalised version of the document).
  • Print to any technology of printer supported by Windows: laser, thermal, inkjet, digital copier or dot matrix, in mono or colour.
  • Automatically create faxes, emails, PDFs, MS-Word documents, Excel workbooks, XML files, and dynamic HTML web pages.
  • Distribute information to where it's needed.
  • Allow users to view documents electronically.
  • Automatically archive documents.
  • Reduce ERP implementation time

To find out more about how ERP Output Management Software can transform your customer facing and internal documentation click HERE.