Document-Genetics-GlobeTop 7 Business Benefits of infoRouter Document Management Software

20th January 2014

infoRouter is very reasonably priced using a simple easy-to-understand pricing model. It is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of many large clients, yet it remains affordable for small to medium sized enterprises.

Rapid ROI (Return on Investment)

Nucleus Research, an independent research firm specialising in measuring the ROI of IT investments, recently reported that 83% of companies surveyed reported a positive ROI on their investment in Document Management software tools. That’s a much higher percentage than can be found with virtually any other IT investment!

It’s just one reason that Gartner Research puts Document Management squarely in their magic quadrant of tools with high ROI and low cost of ownership. infoRouter can easily pay for itself in just weeks given the increased ability for users to locate the information they need.

Productivity gains are only part of the picture, too. infoRouter also saves you money by centralising and managing a function typically spread over countless applications and systems.

Easy to use and maintain

Virtually no training is required for new infoRouter users. The familiar interface of infoRouter will quickly become a part of your daily routine. Experienced Windows users will find infoRouter very familiar and easy to understand.

Instant Deployment

Our customers report that the setup and implementation of infoRouter typically takes only several hours. After a quick install, you can import your users from Active Directory, import your existing documents and quickly begin managing your documents efficiently.

Access to Business Documents via a standard Web browser from anywhere, at anytime

Documents are the lifeblood of an organization. They are absolutely fundamental to the success of your business. Why not centralize these documents and manage them so that they are available to the right people at the right time, from anywhere in the world?

It’s simple with infoRouter. All you need is a browser. No other Document Management Software in its class, delivers such functionality.

Truly Customisable Enterprise Document Management Software

infoRouter is fully customisable and extendable. When you license infoRouter, you will get access to a complete Web Services API. You can build custom applications based on the infoRouter Document Management platform or integrate your existing application into infoRouter.

If you prefer not build applications, use the infoRouter Portal Management platform to build robust Portals to deliver infoRouter document content without having to write a single line of code.

Get involved in the development of infoRouter

Document Genetics offers a very customer-oriented development approach. We view our customers as true partners, and seek customer input on all product enhancements. We will happily admit that most of our coolest features are the ideas of our customers! Each day, we strive to improve our development methodologies to deliver an even better Document Management platform.

Standards based Technology

infoRouter utilises technologies that are common to most organizations, like SQL, IIS, ASP, JavaScript, and HTML. There’s no need to install complicated and expensive software and hardware.

Contact us on 0844 557 6430 for a free 30 day trial or a web demonstration with one of our friendly sales team.