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timezone logo   revisedFMC on cloud nine with their new SaaS EDMS solution

Document Genetics Cloud Solutions  “ All departments now
     work from one
     central storage
     repository. Each
     department only has
     access to their own
     documents, a key
     requirement in our
                                                                                                  business. ”

Results                                                                                                                                                           Jeff Dodds, Finance Director

Timezone provide FMC Chemicals with a first class enterprise document management solution based on the award winning infoRouter Document Management Software application. Read on to find out more about our great achievements.


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FMC Chemicals are a multi-national corporation and one of the worlds’ foremost chemical companies with
leading positions in agricultural, industrial and consumer markets. Their locally based lithium plant near Bromborough is also the location of its UK head office housing several key departments, ranging from HR,
Pensions, Quality Assurance and Accounts.

Timezone Digital Storage are a document scanning bureau who work closely with Document Genetics to provide innovative cloud based document management and business automation software solutions.

The Challenge

FMC is a long standing customer of Timezone who provide scanning services to capture supplier invoices and logistics records, which were traditionally supplied as image files on CD-ROM. FMC planned to extend the service to include all UK head office departments, however storage of records on CD-ROM with the advent of
newer technologies had become obsolete.

In addition, the requirement for robust security and records management compliance encompassing the Sarbanes Oxley Act prompted Timezone to source a partner who could offer enterprise class document management solutions.

The Solution

With ‘cloud technology’ and Software as a Service (SaaS) now a more accessible and proven technology, it became clear to Timezone that the ability to provide ‘cloud solutions’ to clients was clearly the way forward. The concept of SaaS significantly increases flexibility and reduces risk whilst removing the requirement for clients to invest in large upfront capital expenditure. With full support from the FMC IT Team along with reassurance that ‘cloud technology’ was the long term solution, the introduction of the solution has been an instant hit.

Timezone scan and upload different document types for several FMC departments which are then loaded into infoExplorer. This allows FMC to quickly locate and view any required documents within infoExplorer via a web interface.

Expertise and outstanding support from the team at Document Genetics has enabled Timezone to provide FMC with a first class enterprise document management solution based on the award winning infoRouter EDMS (Electronic Document Management Software) application. A simple intuitive search interface enables authorised users to find key documents in seconds!  Documents are now scanned and uploaded for all FMC’s departments. Audit visits now take no time at all due to quick access and valuable storage space has been freed up for better use.

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