The infoRouter Advantage

6th January 2012

Our Software Development Methodology:
User input has been the key to our success. infoRouter has grown into what it is today because we put customer feedback at the forefront of our development strategy. Most of the best features of infoRouter began as ideas from our customers. Our customers feel comfortable providing input because they know we are responsive to their requests and needs.

Standards based Architecture:
Don't get stuck with a proprietary black-box solution. When you license infoRouter, you get access to a Web Services API which allows you to develop applications that work seamlessly with infoRouter. You can connect your in-house applications to infoRouter by writing industry-standard .NET or Java code. The choice is yours.

Many of our customers have hooked into the power of infoRouter from their applications giving them the power of industrial document, records and content management capabilities. Visit our web site to see a list of usage scenarios of infoRouter and how our customers have benefited from the flexibility and power of infoRouter.

Try before you buy:
We allow potential customers to try our software on the Web for an indefinite period of time without any pressure from sales staff. Our Demo area reflects the full functions and features of infoRouter. There are no surprises.

Easy to Use:
We have gone to great lengths to make infoRouter easy and intuitive to use. This eliminates the need for costly training. Knowledge workers can immediately start using and benefiting from the features and functions of infoRouter. The familiar interface is easy to understand and accept.

Easy to Implement:
InfoRouter can be installed and implemented within a matter of hours. No lengthy and costly implementation is required. Virtually every other software solution in this class requires a lengthy implementation period, and an even longer period of time to ROI.