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22nd August 2012

Cambridge based Eazipay is just one of the many businesses to benefit from the document storage service, infoRouter, provided by Document Genetics in Northamptonshire.

Document Genetics focus on improving document automation, workflow and collaboration for our customers - Simply put, we efficiently turn documents into data and data into documents, and in almost all cases without the need for ANY changes to their business systems.

Better still, 80% of our solutions pay for themselves inside 6 months.

A secure, swift and reliable document storage service is essential for Eazipay, a well established direct debit firm helping organisations improve their cash flow management processes as well as saving time and money by establishing regular payment collection via Direct Debit.

Luisa Grey commented "We needed a solution to address the vast amount of filing here. As a Direct Debit Facilities Management Bureau, we must legally hold a copy of every Direct Debit mandate that our clients customers' have signed. Now we scan all signed Direct Debits info infoRouter and have totally removed the need for a paper copy. Not only have we saved considerable office space but from a compliance perspective we can quickly locate a Direct Debit if we need to”.

Document Genetics' infoRouter software provides a collaborative document portal which connects information to employee’s, wherever their location in the world.  As infoRouter is web based, users simply employ a standard web browser to gain access to their information, whether they are working from home, on the move or office based.  infoRouter can manage any type of electronic document or file in its native format.  Whether you work with words, scanned documents, records, pictures, audio, video, images, forms, emails or Microsoft Office documents, infoRouter is an ideal way to manage your information.

Among the many other services offered by Document Genetics, are Formate Output Management, ABBYY FlexiCapture and Kodak scanning, ParetoPost™ our Electronic Document Delivery Portal and our Barcode Recognition Engine (BRE).  Please visit our Document Genetics website for more details.

Call Document Genetics on 0844 557 6430 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.