SharePoint - Product or a Development Platform?

4th April 2016

An article about the 7 year implementation of a knowledge portal in a large University describes SharePoint as more of a development platform rather than a product (PC Pro magazine, Nov 2015).


On-budget and timely SharePoint implementations are possible with sizeable financial and technical resources, but many projects struggle both in terms of licensing and development costs.


Focusing on what can be seen above the waterline (licensing), often underestimates the development costs hidden from view. In simple terms, for every £1 spent on licensing, you may spend £6 to £9 on SharePoint development (Source: Tony Byrne, Enterprise 2.0 Conference).


"Microsoft marketing just told you that the way to buy a car is to buy its parts warehouse, and you believed them. Truth is that SharePoint out of the box sucks..." (Source: Raimund Wasner, Kollabria research and consulting). 


Using the car analogy, the standard model of infoRouter provides world class document management & collaboration and is ready to be driven straight off the forecourt!


So, if you're considering any form of collaboration software or knowledge portal to connect all areas of your business, then please click here to view the SharePoint vs infoRouter Whitepaper.