Document-Genetics-GlobeSatori Software Offer Quick Addressing Software, MailRoom ToolKit Capture

21st May 2013

New technology partner of Document Genetics, Satori Software are providing a MailRoom ToolKit Capture which quickly addresses software. This newest member of the MailRoom ToolKit family is built for call centres and other data entry organisations that benefit from fast point-of-entry address lookup and need a solution that requires minimal Information Technology (IT) involvement.

Implementing MailRoom ToolKit Capture does not require programming skills. The first time it is used with an application, it invokes the Visual Field Mapping feature, which automatically identifies possible address fields and provides a drop-down list of options. These settings are saved into unique signatures for each application, which Capture uses automatically as needed. A manual mapping option is also available for situations where addresses are entered into a text block rather than a form.

Quick addressing software typically accepts address elements in either a specific order or a separate form-like interface. MailRoom ToolKit Capture can work that way, or users can enter address elements in any order — even just a partial company name. Results appear and become more specific as elements are typed. If needed, MailRoom ToolKit Capture requests more information to narrow the results.

“The quick addressing market has been waiting for improvements for far too long,” said Hugh Rogovy, President of Satori Software. “MailRoom ToolKit Capture brings innovations like Visual Field Mapping and automatic signature activation, which make using the software with multiple applications fast and easy. And our powerful search technology returns more results, in less time, than the competition.”

About Satori Software

Satori Software delivers industry-leading address management solutions for organisations that collect, maintain and mail to contact lists. The state-of-the-art MailRoom ToolKit software integrates with any database, website, or application to maintain address quality and enable rapid entry of complete, verified addresses. The popular Bulk Mailer software delivers best-in-class desktop mailing preparation and printing. Satori Software has corporate headquarters in Seattle, Washington and operational headquarters in London, United Kingdom. For more information visit or contact us on 0844 557 6430.