Regulatory compliance, governance and industry standards

What are the requirements?

A common issue with most regulatory mandates is the "consistency" of records management and handling.

Almost all mandates call for a documented set of procedures that are consistently applied to all records. Businesses must also establish systems that provide complete audit trails of access to sensitive documents. For example:


ISO Certification

Requires that all company activities are documented and these procedures are regularly reviewed and audited

Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002 (SOX)

Requires that all US public companies (and their subsidiaries abroad) to document their financial reporting procedures.

 Data Protection (GDPR)

Comprehensive requirements surrounding access, handling & processing of 'Personal Data'.

 How can infoRouter help you with Regulatory Compliance?

The infoRouter Document and Record Management Software solution gives you the ability to perform the requirements listed above.

For more detailed information regarding GDPR & Data Protection, including guides, checklists and a whitepaper, please click on: GDPR - How to be compliant with the new data protection laws.

All ISO documents, Sarbanes Oxley documents can be assigned to individuals for their periodic review and approval. This way, not only everyone involved are regularly informed of the procedures used, but they are also given a chance to improve these procedures and control them more tightly.

Automatic Document Tracking

Whether a document has to do with Data Protection (GDPR), Sarbanes Oxley or ISO or any other regulation , all document changes and updates are automatically tracked. Since all previous versions are tracked, the information on "who changed what and when" is always readily available.

Automatic Alerts

Better yet, whenever a document's content is changed, all interested parties are automatically alerted of these changes.

newbutton casestudiesCompliance and liability risk

infoRouter helps organisations stay compliant with aspects of the Data Protection Act ( and GDPR), Freedom of Information Act, Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), ISO and many other regulatory compliance initiatives and industry regulations; thereby assisting in managing companies financial liability and litigation risk. 

 infoRouter Office Plug-in

The infoRouter Office plug-in allows a user to open, update or publish a document directly from any of the MS Office suite programs (Outlook, Word, Excel or PowerPoint).

infoRouter Email Scanner

The information contained within emails is considered as a record of business transactions and, as such, can represent an electronic substitute for legally binding business documentation. This often means that emails need to be part of any compliance strategy.

infoRouter e-mail Scanner is a service that checks multiple e-mail accounts and automatically routes them to predefined infoRouter  folders; the emails are now stored, can be easily retrieved, version controlled for any amendments and can even kick off a workflow.

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Information is expanding at an increasing rate; we're routinely bombarded by email, paper and much more.

infoRouter helps you find, share and organise information you need to succeed  in modern business. In the past, many business automation solutions have been complex, expensive and difficult to deploy - not infoRouter!

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Eazipay process BACS transactions electronically & save over £30,000

Eazipay is one of the UK's leading Direct Debit processing companies. The implementation of Formate and infoRouter has delivered both cost savings and increased efficiency. Plus, opportunities for mistakes is much less.

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Entrust Aerospace safety to infoRouter

Doncasters are leading international engineering group that manufacture precision components for the aerospace industry and infoRouter integrated with their existing infrastructure to improve quality standards for technical documentation on critical systems.

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