Overview & Technology Guide for Processing Supplier Invoices


11th Jan 2017

We have a presentation available to help you understand ways of improving the manual processing of supplier invoices:

  1. Are you surrounded by a sea of paper or paying for offsite document storage?
  2. Would you like to reduce data entry time and save money?
  3. Do you want to streamline your Invoice Approval cycle?

AP Automation Presenation


If so, please take two minutes to read our brief overview and technology guide to help you make invoice data capture & processing simple, fast and error-free.

Regardless of format (paper, email, XML, etc.), invoice data can be captured with speed and accuracy, allowing staff to spend less time on manual data entry and more time supporting core business objectives - saving time and money with fast ROI!


Document Genetics offer many solutions to help automate invoice processing, so please contact us anytime on 01604 671177 about the AP Automation options for your business.