Document-Genetics-GlobeProcessing supplier invoices: AP Automation

11th April 2016

A study by the Institute of Financial Operations found that 70% of survey respondents reported that at least 50% of their total invoices are still in paper form.

Although the study also suggested that increased adoption of AP Automation vastly reduces payment error rates and processing costs, most respondents suggested that their companies are not yet fully engaged in the technology to enable further automation.

Additionally, invoices received by a business in electronic format tends to benefit the supplier but not necessarily the recipient as invoices are time and again being printed, edited and scanned.

By automating the processing of electronic supplier invoices, thousands of pounds are saved every year. We can: 

  • Monitor multiple email accounts and apply logic with database lookups
  • Intelligently interrogate contents and process them accordingly
  • Automatically update databases and the ERP System, pass data into DMS system
  • Provide management reports

Furthermore, the system also offers the flexibility to deliver high impact business documents with relevant customised messages,at the right time and via the preferred channel!

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