What is ParetoPost™?

logo-with-slogan-optimizedDriving down postage costs, increasing profit 


ParetoPost™ reduces postage costs and improves efficiency in two main areas:


Firstly, ParetoPost™ replaces traditional post by delivering business documents electronically via a secure web portal. It's simple and can save you up to 80% on your postage costs!

Secondly, in the case of e-billing, if you are already sending PDF invoices to your customers, ParetoPost's™ self-service portal will save you money by reducing customer service enquiries, and best of all, document visibility allows credit controllers to see when customers have read the document.

Documents can be manually uploaded to ParetoPost™ or automatically submitted from any ERP system. With no need for up-front costs, ParetoPost™ is cost effective and can be set up in hours.

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Benefits - get ahead of the crowd

If you already send PDFs, ParetoPost™ overcomes issues relating to bounced emails and lack of traceability.

For example, a credit controller chasing overdue invoices can see whether it has been viewed or downloaded.  If the debtor claims not to have seen it, you can quickly point them at their secure ParetoPost™ portal or resend the unique document web address.

In simple terms, you take away the reason not to pay, thereby, reducing aged debt and improving cash flow.

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ParetoPost™ is a secure web portal for delivering critical documents - it is ideal for invoices, statements, purchase orders, or any document where traceability is vital.

Unlike email, when you send anything you'll know if the recipient has viewed the document, downloaded it or added notes - your credit controller with love it!

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This free tool provides you with a custom profile that instantly demonstrates the savings made by implementing ParetoPost.  Your custom profile details cost savings per month, per year and per contract in four simple steps.

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Crafting the Perfect Invoice

This whitepaper considers the true
cost to deliver a business to business
(B2B) invoice and proposes a flexible
and innovative method (based around
the Pareto principle or 80/20 law) to
deliver invoices instantly, cost
effectively and with complete visibility.

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