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17th October 2011

You are a successful small office owner. You have hundreds of loyal customers whose paper records you need to create, store and track. Every day, you end up spending a few hours of your precious time just managing paper. You cannot catch up anymore. So you hire an assistant and of course pay her salary.

All goes well up to a point, after which all those bulky files become too unwieldy even for her to manage, and she vents out her frustration. So is there a way out? A solution that not only takes care of your customer data, but also saves time for you, so you can use it in more productive activities? Yes! And the answer is in having:

A paperless office.

What is a paperless office?

A paperless office is an office where information is created, stored, processed and shared in electronic form. A paperless office gets rid of all forms of paper by converting them into digital documents. This can be done by investing in a scanner and document management software (DMS): the two main components of a paperless office.

A scanner captures and converts paper documents into electronic form. The electronic documents can then be managed and retrieved using document management software.

In a real-life situation, the goal of a paperless office can be difficult to achieve. Nevertheless, document management software systems make it easy for organizations to move to a less paper system. 

Benefits of using paperless office software

Converting all documents to a digital form brings with it several benefits:

  1. Save office space: Scanning paper documents and storing them digitally saves office space, allowing you to use expensive office real estate in a better way. In some cases, it may even be possible to eliminate warehousing costs completely.
  2. Secure workspace: In a paperless work environment, all activities are computerized. This means users need to be authenticated to the DMS and sometimes require special permission to access the information. This translates into a more secure workspace.
  3. Disaster recovery: In a paperless office environment, it is much easier to take multiple backups of the entire digital library, thereby safeguarding the business against natural and other disasters.
  4. Remote access possible: Some document management systems allow you to remotely access your important electronic files, ensuring that even if you are outside your office, you can carry on working. This means you can complete your work faster, resulting in higher productivity and lower turn-around times (TAT).
  5. Data protected: As paper documents are scanned and converted to a digital format, the data they contain is no longer exposed to adverse weather conditions or wear and tear caused by frequent handling.
  6. Eco-friendly: A paperless office, as the term suggests, either completely or drastically cuts down your business dependence on paper. It helps save trees by reducing the demand for paper. Paper manufacture causes a lot of air pollution. So the next time you scan a paper document or decide not to print an email, you can be sure that you are doing your bit towards making your surroundings healthier.

How can I make my office paperless?

You can move towards a paperless office environment by getting a scanner and document management software. A DMS with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an added advantage. Powerful document management software brings with it several features, like:

  • Capture and creation of documents
  • Searching and retrieving documents
  • Filing
  • Archival
  • Security
  • Sharing documents
  • Workflow

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