Online Document Collaboration Usage Scenarios 


13th June, 2016

Using infoRouter, you can easily create a digital setting in which employees, partners, and customers can collaborate on, create, access and manage critical business documents and web content.

This secure and centralised digital environment has all the required tools to collaboratively create and manage proposals and projects: 

  • Version Control and tracking of changes to critical business documents
  • Automatic Subscription and Notification mechanism for changed content
  • Ability to search for and quickly find documents
  • Multi-step workflow for document approval and rejection
  • Ability to work in secure and isolated work areas.
  • Ability to work in teams that are local or remote.
  • Advanced Security

Collaboration Management is built right into the infoRouter core content and document management system which provides a rich set of tools to create, manage, secure and distribute critical business content.

The secure browser-based interface allows team members to access and manage content from wherever they are without losing touch with other members. Content contribution can be done with browsers or team members can easily drag and drop content into infoRouter using web folders (WebDAV). 

infoRouter Collaboration Management Software is extremely effective for inter-departmental, inter-company and business-to-business project management.

 Examples of Usage Scenarios: 

  • Proposal Development in manufacturing and professional services
  • Contract Management
  • Corporate Collateral Management
  • New product development and launches
  • Corporate policies involving multiple departments
  • Contract negotiations
  • Approval and workflow scenarios 

Key benefits of collaboration: 

  • Increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Streamline communication and automate formal sign-off and approval processes.
  • Reduced risk and liability through communication management.
  • A centralised and managed environment to store content.
  • Expense Reduction. Save on travel expenses by creating a digital secure collaboration environment.

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