Document-Genetics-Globe  New infoRouter utility released


9th March 2015 

infoExport for infoRouter introductory offer

If you're an infoRouter user, you’ll know how useful it is for managing all types of documents and information within your business. However, all files have a natural life cycle and periodically it’s useful to remove or delete old data. This may be for regulatory reasons, the creation of an offline archive, or simply to free up disc space on your main infoRouter server.

To help with this, we’ve now developed infoExport - this useful tool allows you to search and export infoRouter files, with the associated meta-data (custom property sets, file comments and file description) and finally export them to a chosen network location. infoExport can also be used for backing up infoRouter configurations and recreating infoRouter libraries/custom property sets on a new (or backup) infoRouter instance. 

Please click HERE to view or download a PDF with further information.

infoExport will cost £495, but as an introductory offer, the fee to existing infoRouter users is £350+vat for any orders in March 2015.