EUROPENEW CASE STUDY - Hendrickson take the
high road to success with Document Genetics

27th August 2013

Hendrickson Europe are part of Hendrickson International, who are the world's leading supplier of truck, tractor, and trailer air suspension systems, auxiliary lift axle systems, steel leaf springs, and metal bumpers for the heavy-duty transportation industry. Their success is based on world-class strengths in engineering, operations, sales, and marketing.

Ian Gutteridge (IT Manager) had for a number of years considered improving the way in which Hendrickson received, shared and delivered information to employees, suppliers or customers. Many of Hendrickson’s working practices were paper based and one of the key goals was to remove their reliance on paper, and in addition, improve communication throughout the company as a whole.

“Like many long established manufacturing companies, the majority of our systems and processes have evolved over a number of years and we needed to take a fresh look at how we managed documents within our business. We had previously looked at document management but been put off by the overall cost and in particular the expense of integrating software products to our existing AS/400 based ERP system. Document Genetics were the first company to provide a cost effective solution, which we could grow organically throughout the organisation, with each phase providing the cost saving to fund the next.”

To find out more about Hendrickson's challenges and how Document Genetics helped - click here to download the Hendrickson Case Study.