Document-Genetics-GlobeMigrating FormScape® users over to Formate

13th September 2011

We've had a few calls lately from FormScape® customers who can't justify the upgrade cost to Bottomline's latest output management software called Transform™.

It would appear there's a pretty high cost to migrate from FormScape® to Transform™.

Although we don't have a magic bullet to import existing FormScape® projects into Formate, we believe there's a massive cost saving to be had by migrating to Formate. In addition, as Formate is a site license, a user can run any number of Formate Servers or Configurators (or Developers, in FormScape® speak) on a geographical site at no extra charge.

If you're a FormScape® user reading this, we'll be happy to discuss the feasibility of moving your application over to Formate and the costs savings applicable.

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