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Microsoft SQL Server



Installing infoRouter

In order to install infoRouter and create a new database, the ‘dbcreator’ server role is temporarily required (in the example below I have called the user ‘inforouter’):

Members of the ‘dbcreator’ role can create databases, and can alter and restore their own databases. When the installation routine is complete, the ‘dbcreator’ role can be removed from the SQL user that infoRouter will run under. Because, in this instance, the database user that infoRouter connects from has created the database, that user is automatically assigned as the database owner and has the ‘db_owner’ database role, which means it can perform all configuration and maintenance activities on the database, and can also drop the database. In order to remove this permission, you need to change the database owner, using the following script (where ‘
infoRouter’ is the database name and ‘sa’ is the new database owner:

USE infoRouter

EXEC sp_changedbowner'sa'

The user is then required to be given explicit permissions on the database. Note that if the database has already been created prior to the infoRouter setup routine running, this section can be skipped.

01 db permissions login server roles

Running infoRouter

The required database roles are ‘db_ddladmin’, ‘db_datareader’ and ‘db_datawriter’:

02 db permissions login user mapping


User effective permissions on database

When setting database permissions, you can see what the effective permissions on that user are in the ‘Permissions’ section of the database ‘Properties’:

03 db permissions db properties permissions

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