Document-Genetics-GlobeImaging Trends: Future Gazing

15th March 2013

According to InfoTrend's latest report, 2011 was a growth of most segments in the scanner market, signifying a major shift in businesses that are looking to implement scanning solutions.  Distributed scanning segments continued to take the lead in unit growth, driven by strong demand for scanning and capture solutions to tackle automation and business process struggles.

MFPs continue to advance: The shift from production to distributed scanners can largely be attributed to the desire for increased automation within businesses.  It therefore comes as no surprise that many companies are shifting away from smaller fleets of production devices and toward higher quantities of distributed scanners and MFPs.  Infotrend does not intend to suggest that the implementation of an MFP necessarily marks the displacement of a single-function scanner.  That said they do expect to see a shift of volume from certain devices to others.


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