High Volume Scanning into infoRouter whitepaper

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 Summary of whitepaper

 infoRouter Scan Station 

infoRouter ships with a free Scan Station module which is available to all infoRouter users- this is great for low volume use and works well with MFP devices. However, it can’t drive a scanner directly (i.e. no TWAIN interface) and doesn’t have the advanced scanning functionality necessary for high volume batch scanning.

 Kodak Capture Pro Scanning Software

Kodak Capture Pro is a business level scanning application suitable for scanning all types of business documents into electronic files (e.g. text searchable PDF) - unlike many other scanning applications, there is no restriction on the scan volume. Quick to install and fast to configure, it’s ideal for scanning invoices, delivery notes, personnel and patient records, contract files, correspondence and much more. Meta-data is configurable for each scanning job and can be collected through OCR recognition zones, database lookups, key from image or even barcodes.


Document Genetics now developed a connector (KCP2infoRouter) which allows the seamless export of data from Kodak Capture Pro into infoRouter document management software. This combination provides a cost effective and powerful solution to scanning and managing all types of paper documents.

 How KCP2infoRouter works

KCP2infoRouter is an application in its own right which is automatically called by Kodak Capture Pro when a scanning batch is exported from Kodak Capture Pro. It automatically takes the document output and seamlessly publishes them into the correct infoRouter library with the appropriate meta-data. 

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