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Achieving cost savings from day one, Formate &  infoRouter automatically processes all AS/400 ERP documents including file copy invoices and credit notes. When faxing or emailing a copy invoice, searching for the document takes seconds rather than minutes.  Read on to find out how we achieved this.



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Hendrickson Europe are part of Hendrickson International, who are the world's leading supplier of truck, tractor, and trailer air suspension systems, auxiliary lift axle systems, steel leaf springs, and metal bumpers for the heavy-duty transportation industry. Their success is based on world-class strengths in engineering, operations, sales, and marketing.

“Document Genetics use cost effective, market leading products within each niche, making them talk to each other in a seamless way. We’ve now got a solution which would normally cost three times the amount.” Ian Gutteridge, IT Manager


The Challenge

Ian Gutteridge (IT Manager) had for a number of years considered improving the way in which Hendrickson received, shared and delivered information to employees, suppliers or customers. Many of Hendrickson’s working practices were paper based and one of the key goals was to remove their reliance on paper, and in addition, improve communication throughout the company as a whole.

“Like many long established manufacturing companies, the majority of our systems and processes have evolved over a number of years and we needed to take a fresh look at how we managed documents within our business. We had previously looked at document management but been put off by the overall cost and in particular the expense of integrating software products to our existing AS/400 based ERP system. Using infoRouter & Formate Document Genetics were the first company to provide a cost effective solution, which we could grow organically throughout the organisation, with each phase providing the cost saving to fund the next.”

The Solution

Hendrickson, with the help of Document Genetics, decided to break down their requirements into a number of logical steps. Three key phases where highlighted:

  • Remove traditional fax machines and replace with a network fax solution, to allow routing of incoming faxes and provide faxing from the PC desktop
  • Remove the vast majority of paper based AS/400 reports and business documents and promote electronic fulfilment where possible
  • Provide a document repository to store paper, PC and AS/400 documents, removing the need for much of their traditional filing

Phase 1 – Faxpress Network Fax

Faxpress network fax software proved an instant success. Incoming faxes were routed to each division (Logistics, Finance, After Market, Warehouse, Engineering and Maintenance), depending on the fax number dialled, meaning each department retained some control and avoided the need for manual distribution. However, some of the biggest benefits were realised with the out going faxes; rather than take several minutes to manually send a fax, users could fax from their desktop in seconds.

Phase 2 – Formate Output Management

Formate Output Management Software now provides the kernel of Hendrickson’s new system, routing all AS/400 documents, in the appropriate format (e.g. PDF, MS Excel or HTML) and via the best delivery mechanism (e.g. fax or email). File copies are now automatically posted to infoRouter for long term storage, which can be accessed quickly by any number of divisions within the company. Many of the business documents Hendrickson traditionally delivered by post are now routed automatically via fax or email. As no two suppliers or customers are the same, Formate can deliver an invoice via fax to one customer, email to another or by post if neither of the first two methods are acceptable.

Phase 3 – infoRouter Document Management Software

infoRouter provides a repository for all documents within the business, be they scanned paper, AS/400 documents (via Formate) or indeed PC documents (e.g. Word or Excel). Documents can easily be accessed by authorised employees, using the infoRouter Search engine.

Hendrickson are continually creating new document repositories within infoRouter and have now addressed the following areas:

  • Despatch Notes – these are scanned and automatically indexed using barcode recognition
  • Picking List – these are captured at the end of the picking process, again using barcodes to avoid the need to manually key indexes
  • Engineering Change Notes – this is a record of design modifications, recording information such as, part number, CAD drawing, engineering change note number etc
  • Month End IT Reports – this holds information on project status, response times etc
  • Sales Invoices and Credit Notes – These are automatically passed to infoRouter via Formate and are indexed automatically to enable fast retrieval

“It’s amazing how users quickly adopt systems and within months people are reliant on them. It makes their working life easier which enables them to spend more time doing their core job rather than chasing paper. ” Ian Gutteridge, IT Manager


Hendrickson made cost savings from day one, both in terms of people’s time and the cost of delivering paper based documents. The savings alone, from delivering invoices electronically, have gone a long way to paying for the complete project.

Caroline Berry (Credit Controller), is a champion of the system, “Now, all file copy invoices and credit notes are automatically processed into infoRouter. If I need to fax or email a copy invoice, searching for the document takes seconds rather than minutes, meaning I spend more time doing my job rather then trawling through filing cabinets.”

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