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Formate Evo ERP Enterprise Output Management Software


Many ERP systems can't quickly react to customer requirements, marketing initiatives or new methods of business communication.


Formate eVo offers the flexibility to deliver high impact business documents, using the best mechanism, in the required format, to the correct place - enhancing profitability and improving customer relations without the need to change host systems (including Legacy ERP systems).


Plus, Formate eVo can be used as middleware for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which sits between your ERP system and the ever-changing and often chaotic business environment. It's your unpaid hero – running 24x7 eliminating manual tasks.


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Design & deliver relevant customised messages

Dymamic Document

Engaging with customers is more challenging than ever - everyone is routinely bombarded with emails, digital media and traditional marketing streams. So, in this age of “information overload”, making your message stand out from the crowd is of paramount importance.

We all know that a relevant document will communicate more effectively, build empathy and lead to greater customer loyalty, so why not captivate clients with interesting documents containing tailor-made information? For example, an invoice may contain marketing information depending on the recipient (e.g. special offers relevant to certain types of customers).

Now, using Formate eVo you can produce dynamic and compelling communications to all of your customers without expensive modifications to your ERP system.

Formate overview



Deliver ERP Documents anywhere, anytime

Data generated by ERP systems can be delivered, as documents or information, in formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, XML, Tiff, CSV, EDI or Text. For example,


Depending on the requirement, documents and information can be printed, faxed, emailed or published to a secure web portal. Formate eVo takes data from host systems, from Sage to SAP, typically as a print file (or XML, PDF, CSV, ASCII text) and transforms it into the document you want to send and delivers it by the most appropriate method.




Formate eVo processes:

Firstly, seamlessly collects and parses data from anywhere in your business (including Legacy ERP systems) and designs the customer-facing document your business requires.

Secondly, reduce or eliminate print costs by designing and then distributing documents and data electronically in the most appropriate format.

Finally, store and manage your collateral by publishing to web portals, workflow processes or document management systems. 

Formate eVo Processes

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