27th April 2015


We’re uncovering some interesting applications for our secure document delivery portal (ParetoPost™),- a good example of this is the move to delivery of electronic payslips.

Traditionally companies have printed payslips, often on expensive secure stationery. This has a number of disadvantages: 

  • Expensive stationery
  • Cost to run and maintain printers
  • Energy used during printing
  • Cost to deliver payslips (either manually or via post)
  • Environmental impact 






Moving to the delivery of electronic payslips using ParetoPost™ gives a number of immediate benefits:

  • Compliance with Employment Rights Act 1996*
  • Fast to implement
  • Reduction in labour
  • ParetoPost™ can take payslip data from virtually any payroll software or business system
  • Instant ROI
  • Payslips can be saved for many years
  • Guaranteed delivery - if they’re not viewed the sender (the employer) will be notified
  • Other documents can be included in the employee portal e.g. company handbook, P60s, P11ds, company memos or news
  • Part of a company’s environmental policy

If you’d like to understand more on the benefits of ParetoPost™, please visit

*Compliance with Section 8 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 means that companies are required to ensure that employees can, if they wish, see their payslip on or before payday. A ruling against an organisation means that the employer has to repay all deductions which were not notifield, even if they were legitimate.