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infoRouter has reduced Doncasters production scrap, by making technical documentation easily available on screen. This means the production operative is more likely to do the job correctly.  Read on to find out how we implemented this.


Doncasters Group Ltd is a leading international engineering group that manufactures precision components and assemblies for the aerospace, industrial gas turbines, specialist automotive, petrochemical, construction, industrial, transportation and recreation markets. The group excels in working with alloys and metals that are difficult to shape and form.

The Challenge

Doncasters of Chard, in Somerset, manufacture structural castings in high grade materials for the aerospace and industrial gas turbine (small airfoil) markets. This work is highly specialised and requires very detailed quality management records to be kept.

Vernon Halsey, IT Consultant explains “Our production controls require the operative to be issued with very detailed documentation – sometimes 20 pages long – at each stage of the production process to provide them with a reference for technical and quality standards for the product. We wanted to replace this manual procedure with a document management solution that could provide the same information electronically, delivered to everyone in the factory via the intranet. Although many products could provide this service, they were licensed on a per seat basis, and so the cost to implement was as much as £120,000. Because infoRouter is web based, we could get the same service for a fraction of this cost”.

The Solution

Doncasters Chard chose to implement the infoRouter document management solution, and because it used a SQL database like the ERP system already deployed, it did not compromise any group technical standards. Moreover, the fact that the client was web based made it easy to integrate with their existing intranet.

Production Quality

Manufacturing components for the aerospace industry requires a very high standard of quality to be maintained as safety is critical. Full traceability is also a must, and is required to be kept for the flying life of the aircraft, which can be over 30 years. The production operative is issued with a set of quality instructions that must be signed to warrant compliance with the manufacturing processes for the product being produced. infoRouter has been introduced to allow these critical documents to be scanned and indexed, using the document number as the reference for a PDF file.

Because it uses the same reference, and the same SQL database, the document can then be easily and rapidly accessed by the ERP system.

The next stage for enhancement is to implement a workflow solution which will accept an electronic signature, which will remove the need to produce quality documents for signature by the production operative.

Operatives are also able to access the work instruction details on screen using infoRouter, which reduces the need for paperwork.

Accounts Payable workflow

As a precursor to the improvement plans for production quality using workflow, the Accounts Payable supplier invoice approval procedure has been implemented as an infoRouter workflow procedure.

For example, non-stock purchase orders such as electricity bills are scanned into infoRouter and a link sent to the person responsible for authorising the cost. The infoRouter user id is accepted as authorisation in place of a signature, which ensures all paperwork is kept in one place and the approval procedure is much faster.

Also infoRouter is used to store ERP business documents such as sales invoices and direct purchase orders and allows a single repository for documents to be maintained.


The principle benefits for the business overall have been the reduction of production scrap, by making technical documentation easily available on screen. This means the production operative is more likely to do the job correctly.

Other benefits have been:

  • The improvement of the quality archive, making it easier to reference quality documents for components made years ago
  • Historical records have been scanned into infoRouter as well as work in progress since the solution was implemented, so the time taken to find older documents is reduced significantly
  • Introducing workflow has improved the speed of some processes, and time saved is money earned.  The introduction of documentation on screen has reduced the need for paperwork, and has reduced the paper usage cost

One exciting future consideration is to provide a secure archive portal service, allowing sub-contractors and clients to access documents on-line and significantly reducing the administration of handling technical specification queries.

“Doncasters success clearly demonstrates that document management solutions have a real impact on all areas of the business.” Joe Hyde, Sales & Marketing Director, Document Genetics.

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