Document-Genetics-GlobeDocument Scanning Services are More Economical

7th June 2016

With the price of document scanning services becoming more economical with the development of technology, is it time you checked you are receiving a competitive service for your document management projects or even reconsidered restarting any old project you thought to be too expensive in the past?

Many document scanning companies put up the costs on a yearly basis blaming increased technology and employments cost.

This simply isn’t true; three years ago scanners ran at about 50 pages per minute now they scan at over 180 pages per minute so why do the prices keep going up?

Document Genetics employs a number of dedicated scanner specialists with years of technical expertise and product knowledge. We aim to always be competitive on price, but what separates us from catalogue/mail order companies, is our understanding of scanners and the backup and service we give. Our constant review on products ensures that the scanning solutions we offer and their associated accessories are suitable for day-to-day heavy-duty use. Our independence and the relationship we have with our manufacturer’s means that we are constantly updated with their latest offerings and enhanced features.

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