Document-Genetics-GlobeDocument Management Issues and Customer Requirements We Can Fix!

28th March 2013

Do you hear yourself saying any of these?

e-Billing - “We’re spending a fortune on post, we want to explore ways to deliver our business documents quickly and efficiently."

Electronic Trading - “More of our large trading partners want us to trade electronically, we need the flexibility to be able to receive orders and send invoices in PDF, XML, EDI and CSV formats.”

ERP Document Formatting - “Our ERP system is pretty limited, and it's really difficult to produce the documents we really want – we’d like to add special offers, customised T&Cs, discount vouchers, barcodes and more.”

Product and Pallet Labels - “Our major retail customers are forever changing the specification of their pallet label, it’s a fulltime job trying to keep up – we need a simple tool to allow us to rapidly react to their requirements.”

Sorting and Stung Envelopes - “It’s crazy, we send multiple envelopes to the same customer each week and spend hours stuffing envelopes - we need an automated solution.”

If the answer is yes, perhaps you should get in touch with Document Genetics who offer free advice, trials and demonstrations on their range of Document Management Software.  Call us now on 01604 671177.