Document-Genetics-GlobeDocument Genetics are pleased to announce their partnership with Felltech Ltd

27th November 2012

Felltech were founded in 2003 as a specialist telecoms software product development company.  Felltech are a friendly company, with expertise enabling our customers to benefit best from new technology.

The telecoms and networking industries are changing and adapting all the time. Mostly driven by new technological developments. Felltech constantly scrutinise the industry for new technology and standard developments.

At Felltech they develop all their own software products, they don't re-sell any other company's software products. What this means to their customers is that there is one point of contact for support, no third parties means support is delivered quickly and efficiently to resolve any problems.  And rest assured that all of their products are constantly reviewed and kept up-to-date with new technological developments.

Felltech provide a Outbox SMS solution which is the simplest, most direct, and cheapest way to provide SMS messaging in a company for which Document Genetics are reselling this within the UK.

Document Genetics are based in the United Kingdom and provide a comprehensive range of document management software. They focus on improving document automation, workflow for their customers.  Simply put, they efficiently turn documents into data and data into documents, and in almost all cases without the need for ANY changes to their business systems.

Click here to visit Felltech's website