Document-Genetics-GlobeDocument Genetics are excited to announce the launch of ParetoPost

Every time you post an invoice it costs your business at least 65p.

1st June 2011

ParetoPost provides an assured method to deliver electronic documents instantly to your customers and employees via a secure web portal.  It's great for the guaranteed delivery of:

  • E-Billing - invoices, statements etc
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Purchase Orders
  • Drawings and project information
  • Staff documentatio

Unlike email, where messages can disappear into a black-hole, you'll know who has viewed the document, the date and time that it was read, and lots more useful information. It delivers electronic documents quickly, securely and with a low transmission cost (and we're confident you'll make a saving of up to 80% over traditional post). The end-user experience is designed for simplicity and ease of use.

Publishing Documents into ParetoPost

We've engineered ParetoPost so it's really simple to integrate with your current finacial or ERP system. You can install and host ParetoPost on your own server, or we can host it for you.

Do you want to be an early adopter of ParetoPost?
We're actively looking for a limited number customers to act as early adopters.
In return, you'll get the product for FREE* and get a chance to recommend enhancements.

Follow this link if you'd like to be an early adopter

Live demo of ParetoPost

Follow this link for a live demo of ParetoPost

More info on ParetoPost

Follow this link for more info on ParetoPost

*Note: For early adopters, we'll provide a ParetoPost Server license free of charge. Annual support will still be charged if required. If we host ParetoPost on our servers, a charge for hosting will apply.