Document-Genetics-GlobeDocument Genetics are delighted to reveal their collaboration with WMLtd

18th July 2012

WML (William Matthew Ltd) offers special document conditioning solutions to enable customers to safely outsource their document production. WML's DataGateway solution will transform a wide range of various document types into a single, standard style suited for internal printing, secure outsource to a print fulfilment house or electronic delivery. Due to the fact that all document handling is implemented behind the user's firewall, the customer keeps full control of the document format without purchasing into the proprietary operations of a potential outsource partner.

DataGateway is the perfect option for businesses running a call centre where the document author has no sight of the published document: Standard business regulations and overlays can be applied to each information stream, enabling non-conforming documents to be held for assessment just before printing.

Document Genetics are based in the UK and concentrate on enhancing document automation, workflow as well as collaboration for our clients. We successfully turn paper into information and information into paper, and in virtually all instances without the demand for ANY modifications to their business systems.