Document-Genetics-GlobeChanges to Microsoft Office 2016 components

18th January 2016

Please be aware that Microsoft has removed components from their latest 2016 Office release, rendering some features unavailable.

Implications for infoRouter - The removal of the “Document Connection” subsystem prevents the document edit feature of infoRouter from launching and opening an Office document in a single click.

This functionality can be replaced with the infoRouter Office plug-in, or the file can be downloaded and opened locally.

Implications for Formate 2 - The removal of MAPI support from Outlook 2016 means that it cannot be used with Formate 2 as an authenticated mail client for the sending of emails.


If Formate is being used to send emails, our recommendation is not to upgrade to Outlook 2016 on a server or workstation as the ability to send emails will be lost. However, if this is a critical requirement, the new Formate eVo product has advanced email server connectivity, so please contact us to discuss a migration.


Next Steps - Hopefully, Microsoft will listen to its users and restore the Document Connection facility, but it is highly unlikely that MAPI will be restored as Microsoft have publicly stated it will come to an end.


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