Regulatory compliance, governance and industry standards

20th April, 2015.

The infoRouter Document Management Software solution allows organisations to create and manage a set of uniform models for retention, security, classification, search, retrieval, and automatic notification & alerts for changing content. The benefits of such a system quickly become more obvious in the ever changing landscape of business where non-compliance may mean costly fines, sanctions, litigation and personal liability for corporate officers.

 By using infoRouter, you can cover most compliance issues mandated by the following: 

  • Managing of records related to financial information for compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
  • Industry regulations, such as ISO certification and recertification
  • Regulatory compliance with mandates from governmental agencies such as SEC.
  • Regulatory compliance with mandates from HIPAA.
  • Compliance with Federal record-keeping laws and regulations.
    • DoD 5015.2 Compliant Records Management.
    • VERS Compliant Records Management.
  • Managing of records related to civil litigation, e-discovery or government investigations.
  • Managing of records related to Human Resources such as discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment etc.

Save Money

Recent surveys and research indicate that searching for documents accounts for more than 4 hours a month for the average employee. Lost documents that must be recreated account for more than 6 hours a month. To solve this problem, the infoRouter document management software system offers a very powerful and flexible search tool that will help you find documents within seconds. You can search on document’s title, author, creation date, keywords, or many other kinds of meta- information. Better still, you can search through the actual contents of the documents stored in infoRouter. That’s right... every document in infoRouter is automatically full-text indexed, which means you can find precisely what you’re looking for every time.

Provide New Services

Using the infoRouter Document Management Software and the integrated portal solution, you will be able to offer services to your internal and external customers, vendors, suppliers, and anyone else you need to collaborate with. You’ll be able to instantly provide secure access to important business documents to whomever needs it. You’ll even be able to collaboratively manage programs, proposals, projects, contracts and relationships with your internal and external customers. infoRouter will take you beyond document management.

Rapid ROI

Nucleus Research, an independent research firm specializing in measuring the ROI of IT investments, recently reported that 83% of companies surveyed reported a positive ROI on their investment in Document Management systems. That’s a much higher percentage than can be found with virtually any other IT investment! It’s just one reason that Gartner Research puts Document Management squarely in their magic quadrant of tools with high ROI and low cost of ownership.

The infoRouter document management software system can easily pay for itself in just months given the increased ability for users to locate the information they need. Productivity gains are only part of the picture, too.

infoRouter also saves you money by centralizing and managing a function typically spread over countless applications and systems. Finally, there’s the very real value associated with your peace of mind --knowing that all of your critical corporate information is centralized, secured, versioned, and instantly recoverable.

Instant Customer Portals

Expose Critical Content to Customers and Business Partners with easy to create Portals. Within minutes of signing up a customer or partner, you may create custom portals that allow your customers to view content that is customized to them. As this content is changed, updated or new content is added, this information is instantly made available on the portal without any involvement from webmasters or IT staff. There are hundreds of embarrassing stories about wrong documents getting to customers, users or vendors. Can you think of instances where something like this could make you lose an account, or damage a relationship with one of your customers, partners, or vendors.

Be more productive

Did you know that many companies do a better job managing and securing their office supplies than they do their business-critical documents? It’s true. The electronic documents that are the very lifeblood of the modern business are all too often taken totally for granted. Very few businesses take the time to consider the expenses that they incur on a daily basis because they lack the proper control of their documents.

Promote Knowledge Sharing

infoRouter makes sharing information easier than ever. Changes to existing documents and newly created content are immediately and automatically communicated users, customers and partners. infoRouter offers a vast number of features that are well beyond the offerings of traditional document management applications.

Preserve Intellectual Capital

In light of recent developments, do you know if you are in compliance with regulatory rules regarding document capturing and retention? Is your business-critical information floating around in unsecured laptops, instead of a centralized repository with airtight security? Are your most important documents stored where they’re not readily available, or are they stored where they can be securely retrieved from anywhere where there’s an Internet connection?

How do you know when critical information in your organisation changes? If you depend on others to give you the information, you may never know. Are you willing to trust hasty emails and hallway conversations as a means of distributing must-know information?

Audit Trails

infoRouter maintains an extensive audit trail of all activity. Folder creations, folder deletions, document creations/views/edits/deletes and much more are all tracked automatically.

Multi-Language Support

infoRouter supports multiple languages. A single installation of infoRouter can serve your customers and partners from different parts of the World. infoRouter automatically detects language settings from a user’s browser and defaults to this language setting. Users can also set their preferred language settings.

Access what you need, no matter where you are

Access all of your company’s documents securely from anywhere in the world. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Find what you need quickly and easily

Integrated full-text searching and powerful advanced search features make it simple to locate exactly what you need. That means no more wasting time trying to find a document, and no time spent recreating content that [already] exists.

Get world-class power at a price you can afford

infoRouter offers industrial strength features at an entry-level price that will surprise you. infoRouter can grow with you and scale to your needs. Dozens of features make it easier than ever before to create, store, secure, distribute, edit, track, manage, restore, share, and audit your valuable information assets.

Protect your valuable documents

All the security in the world doesn’t do you any good when your most critical documents are spread across hundreds or thousands of laptops, PCs, and network drives. Because infoRouter is centralized, it’s simple to provide flexible security that works. The powerful security model restricts access, while the auditing let’s you know who viewed and modified what. And because it’s centralized, backups are the rule, not the exception.

Rely on industry-standard technologies

infoRouter is built on industry-standard technologies like Windows 2003/2008 servers, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and IIS. That’s why most of our customers find that they don’t need to purchase any additional software when they choose infoRouter. It’s also why the average implementation takes less than 2 hours. Start addressing your document management needs immediately.

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