Document-Genetics-GlobeBarcode Recognition Software by Document Genetics

31st August 2011

Smart Scanning using MFPs - the simple way to scan and file paper documents.

The Barcode Recognition Engine (BRE) enables any department in a business to easily scan documents into their document management archive (e.g. infoRouter, Shared Folders, MS Sharepoint etc) using existing MFPs (digital copiers) or low cost scanners.

Fast to implement

  • Low cost
  • Use existing scanners or copiers
  • No end-user training

Every document (or pack of documents) needs a barcode or header sheet.

The barcode does three things:

  • Stores information about the document and where it needs to be filed
  • Splits documents, if there are multiple documents in a batch
  • It can act as a stamp, indicating when the document was processed

Some documents will already have a barcode e.g. A pick-list or delivery note.  If you are scanning packs of documents or files, you can use a header sheet in front of the first page.  For some documents you'll need to add a sticky label containing the barcode e.g. for purchase invoices or customer order forms.  This barcode can be stuck anywhere on the page - even upside down!

Simply scan your document or pack of documents on a standard MFP --- and forget.

BRE - automatically reads the barcode

BRE - decides what to do with the document based on the data in the barcode

The BRE enables you to:

  • Write to a database
  • Update an ERP system
  • Archive to a DMS
  • Publish to SharePoint
  • Upload to a Web Portal
  • Save to a Shared Folder
  • Initiate a Workflow
  • Auto-fax or Email

This is a simple way to create a barcode label.  The information in your barcode can be:

  • Manually keyed into the Label Client
  • Cut and pasted from other applications
  • Captured from virtually any windows screen e.g. your finance or ERP system

For more information on the BRE, please contact Document Genetics on 0844 557 6430 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..