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Airsprung Beds save £20,000 a year with Formate

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  “  We have saved over   
      £20,000 in the first
      year.  ”

          Ivan Love, Head of IT



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Airsprung Beds improve efficiency with Formate by turning their reports into PDFs and emailing these wherever possible, saving over £20,000 in the first year! Read on to see how this was achieved. 


In 1871 Hedley Chapman founded a matress factory in Towbridge, Wiltshire, or to be more precise, he began to manufacture straw palliases. Now 130 years later, Airsprung employees 1,700 people and supplies beds throughout the world.

The Challenge

Airsprung run an HP UNIX based business system, which generates over 40 reports every day. These range from various business critical reports to urgent sales orders and statements. For example, the urgent order report is used for shipments required within 48 hours of the order being received. This is run at 9am and copies are distributed to production control, transport, IT and sales, advising of the 48 hour delivery and provide the information needed to fulfil it. Traditionally, the report was printed on paper and manually distributed to the relevant personnel and various departments.

The Solution

With help from Document Genetics, the problem was broken down into two key objectives:

  • Format reports into PDF documents
  • Distribute reports via email wherever possible

Firstly, reports are now printed to a Formate Virtual Printer, which collects the print job and identifies what type of report it is by looking at the header information and checking for a specific report name or reference code. Formate then creates the PDF output as A4 format.

Secondly, Formate then checks the recipient code, queries it against an email address database, and finally delivers the report to the appropriate email addresses. Where required, reports are printed on networked laser printers.

The Benefits

By using Formate, Airsprung automatically release the reports and Formate does all the hardwork. Most reports are circulated to recipients via email in PDF format. This improves efficiency by reducing delays and errors synonymous with manual distribution and vastly reduces the cost of report creation (eliminating 95% of paper-based reports).

Further improvements in efficiency are achieved as users find reports delivered in PDF format more readable and can be text searched when looking for specific pieces of information (e.g. a specific part code or cost centre).

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