Document-Genetics-GlobeProcessing supplier invoices: AP Automation

11th April 2016

A study by the Institute of Financial Operations found that 70% of survey respondents reported that at least 50% of their total invoices are still in paper form.

Although the study also suggested that increased adoption of AP Automation vastly reduces payment error rates and processing costs, most respondents suggested that their companies are not yet fully engaged in the technology to enable further automation.

Additionally, invoices received by a business in electronic format tends to benefit the supplier but not necessarily the recipient as invoices are time and again being printed, edited and scanned.

By automating the processing of electronic supplier invoices, thousands of pounds are saved every year. We can: 


SharePoint - Product or a Development Platform?

4th April 2016

An article about the 7 year implementation of a knowledge portal in a large University describes SharePoint as more of a development platform rather than a product (PC Pro magazine, Nov 2015).


On-budget and timely SharePoint implementations are possible with sizeable financial and technical resources, but many projects struggle both in terms of licensing and development costs.


Focusing on what can be seen above the waterline (licensing), often underestimates the development costs hidden from view. In simple terms, for every £1 spent on licensing, you may spend £6 to £9 on SharePoint development (Source: Tony Byrne, Enterprise 2.0 Conference).


"Microsoft marketing just told you that the way to buy a car is to buy its parts warehouse, and you believed them. Truth is that SharePoint out of the box sucks..." (Source: Raimund Wasner, Kollabria research and consulting). 


Using the car analogy, the standard model of infoRouter provides world class document management & collaboration and is ready to be driven straight off the forecourt!


So, if you're considering any form of collaboration software or knowledge portal to connect all areas of your business, then please click here to view the SharePoint vs infoRouter Whitepaper.



Seven key Questions for Assessing an EDMS 


There are many moving parts to an EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) and many conditions that it has to satisfy; conditions that change from one enterprise setting to another. Select the wrong specs, and you may end up wasting time and losing your company quite a bit of money. 

What should you include in your specifications list? 

Which factors should you pay attention to? 

Here are seven questions you need to ask before finalising the specification of your new Electronic Document Management System:


An EDMS does not work in isolation but together with other existing systems and enterprise modules. Will you be able to integrate the EDMS with the existing email platform and office application suites? Would the EDMS  support existing integration standards such as WebDAV, SOAP, or LDAP? Higher the number of such modules and protocols the EDMS integrates nicely, the lower will be your long-term transition costs and higher will be your productivity gains and ROI.

Document-Genetics-Globe  Spring clean infoRouter - infoExport utility special pricing offer

16th March 2016

Managers and users know how much more efficient managing business information is with infoRouter, but the natural life-cycle of documents and files requires periodic removal or deletion; This may be due to the creation of an offline archive, for regulatory reasons or the need to free up some disc space on your infoRouter server.

We developed infoExport to help our customers with this - infoExport is a useful tool which allows you to search and export infoRouter files, with the associated meta-data (custom property sets, file comments and file description) and finally export them to a chosen network location. 

Additionally, infoExport is also a great tool for backing up infoRouter configurations and recreating infoRouter libraries & custom property sets on a new (or backup) instance of infoRouter. 

infoExport costs £495 +vat but until end of June 2016 the fee is £299 +vat.

Further information can be found HERE to view or download a PDF.



 infoRouter Document Management System Best Practices

7th March 2016

“How can I use infoRouter the most efficient way?” Read on to learn more about how to tackle some basic tasks efficiently.

More information can be found on the infoRouter EDMS - Online Help System

Don’t forget – your specific setup may require some slight variations from what’s recommended here. That being said, here are our best time-tested document management system best practices to follow:

Document Size:
Documents above a certain size should not be stored in document management systems. DVDs, ISO files, and database files such as MDBs are not good candidates for storing in infoRouter.

Document management systems are generally used for documents and files that require user collaboration, and documents that are subject to version control. These types of documents are generally no larger than 30 MB. Accessing larger files using the HTTP protocol is not practical. They are best kept on the file system.


Creating PDF Documents & Reports from ERP Systems

1st March 2016

Do you need to improve the way your ERP system creates PDF documents & reports?

Well, in addition to providing a cost effective solution for producing dynamic and compelling marketing communications, our Formate eVo - ERP Output Management Software - customers enjoy a simple & flexible approach to the production and delivery of PDF reports.  

  • No need for changes to your application or data stream
  • Read from, or write to MS Excel & PDF files, and interact with databases
  • Deliver or publish via preferred channel e.g. print, email, SharePoint, DMS, FTP, etc.
  • On-premise or SaaS licencing models with lease, rental or outright purchase options

Please click HERE to watch a video about the Formate eVo ERP Automation Server.


No worries about 'Data Sovereignty' here!

22nd February 2016

Digital information is subject to the jurisdiction of the country where it is stored and the Data Protection Act 1998 states that UK companies are legally obliged to look after such information wherever it resides - even with data at rest (inactive stored information on a server).

This means that legal boundaries regarding control and access of hosted data needs to be carefully considered if digital information is stored outside of the UK.

Document Genetics’ Cloud Solutions use Secura who provide UK based hosting and data storage so the sovereignty of your data will never be in question.

To download a PDF with more information about our hosting infrastructure please click HERE.



Partnering with Secura Hosting for Cloud Services

15th February 2016

Document Genetics are proud to announce our partnership with UK based Secura to provide hosting for all our cloud services.

Some of our hosted services include:


 To download a PDF with more information about our hosting infrastructure please click HERE.



3 ways document management improves Your business

8th February 2016

The days of wading through endless paper files may have ended for large corporations, but for many companies investing in an effective document management system may seem daunting, time consuming, and a financially burdening process.

Merely imagining the amount of work you could get done in the time it would take to electronically organise all of your files is enough to throw that idea out the window, right? Think again.

If the idea of digitising all of your business’ digital files seems like a bit more of a task than you are willing to undertake, consider these three ways in which document management software can help to improve the organisation of your files.

1 - Metadata & Document Indexing

DMS allow you to easily set descriptions of each document within the metadata of the file itself. Once your documents are indexed into your document management system, you are able to quickly search the metadata of all of the files within the system to find those relevant to the keywords for which you are searching. Common components to metadata include dates, names, or departments as they relate to each particular file.


Document Archiving Bundles now Available

25th January 2016

Often archiving projects require many boxes of historical and/or legacy paper documents to be scanned into an archiving system and Document Genetics have created Document Archiving Bundles to meet your needs in respect of the following requirements: 

  • Easy to use Bullet Proof Scanners
  • Full Page OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Database Lookups
  • Barcode Recognition
  • Separator Pages for Batch Scanning
  • Lease, rental or outright purchase options
  • Ready to use within a few hours!


   To download a PDF with more information please click HERE for further details.