Competitive upgrades now available for ERP Output Management Software

5th Sept 2016


If you’re looking at upgrading your output management system, and use any of the following systems; Create!form®, FormScape®, Transform™, Spindle, StreamServe, LaserNet, AUTOFORM, Bottomline, or DbForms - we're pretty certain Formate eVo can help you!

We can aid by reducing your overheads on:

•   License costs (Formate eVo is a site license)
•   Annual software maintenance (we have a one of charge despite the amount of Servers you have installed)
•   Lower Professional service costs
•   Reduced Training charges

With Formate eVo huge cost savings are achievable with our competitive upgrade offers and as Formate eVo is licensed by site, a user can manage any number of Formate eVo Servers or Configurators on a geographical site with no additional costs.

We’d be delighted to talk to you about the possibility of moving to Formate eVo along with the costs deductions we can help you fulfill.

Please call us on 01604 671177 and talk to one of our friendly team or Contact Us.


  How important is email archiving to your business?


   Email Archiving & Information Governance


 1st Aug 2016

The increasing usage of emails as knowledge repositories has galvanised the need to ensure that such information has an accurate audit trail, is reliably stored and easily retrieved.

Companies who fail to archive their emails effectively are now facing many compelling reasons why they should be to assist with Compliance & Litigation Support issues.

Document Genetics offer software solutions to address these issues and by doing so help manage your company’s financial liability and litigation risk.


To find out more please call us on 01604 671177 or go to: Why Archive Emails?.



Complaints Handling Module - infoComplaints

Complaints Handling with MS Outlook Integration

4th July 2016


The infoComplaints infoRouter module has been developed by Document Genetics to streamline the receipt and handling of customer complaints throughout any organisation.


infoComplaints allows permitted employees to create new complaints via a desktop app, or an Outlook email plugin and kick off a workflow to track and resolve the complaint.


Initially developed for a large manufacturing company, infoComplaints is scalable and addresses the needs of SME’s and small corporate companies with outstanding Return On Investment (ROI) potential.


With fast implementation and pricing starting from £25 per month, infoComplaints is available as an on-premise, Pay-as-you-go or Cloud based solution.


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 01604 671177 for a demonstration or further details.


  Online Document Collaboration Usage Scenarios 


13th June, 2016

Using infoRouter, you can easily create a digital setting in which employees, partners, and customers can collaborate on, create, access and manage critical business documents and web content.

This secure and centralised digital environment has all the required tools to collaboratively create and manage proposals and projects: 

  • Version Control and tracking of changes to critical business documents
  • Automatic Subscription and Notification mechanism for changed content
  • Ability to search for and quickly find documents
  • Multi-step workflow for document approval and rejection
  • Ability to work in secure and isolated work areas.
  • Ability to work in teams that are local or remote.
  • Advanced Security

Collaboration Management is built right into the infoRouter core content and document management system which provides a rich set of tools to create, manage, secure and distribute critical business content.

Document-Genetics-GlobeDocument Scanning Services are More Economical

7th June 2016

With the price of document scanning services becoming more economical with the development of technology, is it time you checked you are receiving a competitive service for your document management projects or even reconsidered restarting any old project you thought to be too expensive in the past?

Many document scanning companies put up the costs on a yearly basis blaming increased technology and employments cost.

This simply isn’t true; three years ago scanners ran at about 50 pages per minute now they scan at over 180 pages per minute so why do the prices keep going up?

Document Genetics employs a number of dedicated scanner specialists with years of technical expertise and product knowledge. We aim to always be competitive on price, but what separates us from catalogue/mail order companies, is our understanding of scanners and the backup and service we give. Our constant review on products ensures that the scanning solutions we offer and their associated accessories are suitable for day-to-day heavy-duty use. Our independence and the relationship we have with our manufacturer’s means that we are constantly updated with their latest offerings and enhanced features.


Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)

1st July 2016

Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) affects all companies that are publicly traded in the United States and their wholly owned subsidiaries or branches abroad. SOX also regulates any accounting firm that performs audits for organisations previously mentioned.

SoxHundreds of companies use infoRouter to address compliance issues mandated by Sarbanes-Oxley and have been doing so for over 15 years!

infoRouter allows you to create and maintain "A Unified Content Strategy" by consolidating documents, records, collaboration, web-content and digital assets in a centralised environment which aids in meeting the requirements of regulatory compliance, governance & industry standards.

Plus, by using infoRouter, you can cover compliance issues mandated by the following:

Document-Genetics-GlobeLatest Kodak Wireless Network Scanners now available?

17th May 2016

The Kodak i1150WN & i1190WN wireless network scanners are a real game changer for the modern work environment - with speeds of up to 30 & 50 ppm respectively, they provide the ultimate versatile network scanning solution to share and collaborate information throughout your organisation!

Kodak i1150WN Pic

Smart Touch technology lets you perform up to nine different scanning tasks at the touch of a button - including creating PDFs, attaching files to e-mails, organising documents in folders, or sending files to Cloud services.

Plus, you can apply your own activity names and include colour icons on the display panel to make tasks even quicker to select.

Providing fast, reliable and stress free wireless scanning with Smart Touch technology means that sharing and collaboration has never been easier! 

To find out more about Kodak Business Scanners please Contact Us or click HERE.


Document-Genetics-GlobeWhat is ERP Output Management Software?

10th May 2016

The timely delivery of documents to any business is critical, be it an invoice so that you are paid on time, or an urgent purchase order to buy vital stock.

Output Management is all about improving the way you generate and deliver documents from your ERP system. According to independent research by the Gartner Group, Forms and Document management can cost up to 15% of a company's total revenue.

Output Management systems, such as Formate eVo, give a company the ability to replace the majority of its traditional paper based systems by providing distributed information electronically where and when it is needed and in the format required (MS Excel / Word, HTML5, PDF, email, sms, fax, FTP, etc.) - Ken Rollands, IT Consultant for Garbuio Dickinson (who design and manufacture Primary Processing Equipment) recently said "Purchasing Formate ERP Output Management Software was the best IT investment ever."

Users of ERP systems are no longer satisfied with congested line printer reports, printed centrally, which then require distribution to their final destination. In addition, standard output often needs a considerable amount of redesign in order to produce the report a user will actually use. This is even more critical with documents that are distributed to customers or suppliers.

Document-Genetics-GlobeNew Formate eVo Customer Testimonial - Betterware UK Ltd

26th April 2016

We would like to share with you the following email recently received by Document Genetics regarding the training provided to Betterware for Formate eVo output management software (Betterware migrated from Formate 2 to Formate eVo).

"Over the years Document Genetics has always set very high standards, so it came as no surprise that the recent training was delivered in a very professional, informative and friendly way.

Jez Hobbs (Document Genetics Technical Consultant) is a top bloke, very much "one of our team". Within minutes of meeting we were exchanging ideas and finding several areas of common interest, so much so that we were looking forward to day 2 as soon as day one ended.

Anyway, just because Document Genetics are always excellent there is no reason that you should not be complimented for being so; please accept a big thank you and well done from Betterware as we found the experience enjoyable and educational.

It may be an over-used phrase, but in your case the absolute truth is "it’s always a pleasure to do business with Document Genetics".

Andy Siviter, Senior Analyst, Betterware UK Ltd.

Document-Genetics-GlobeinfoRouter Collaboration Software makes your Business Smarter

19th April 2016

Content-driven collaboration has become a key requirement in today's modern economy. Efficient interaction between partners, employees, vendors and clients is no longer a luxury but rather a requirement.

Unfortunately, in most companies, collaboration is synonymous to hallway conversations and scheduled meetings. Communication of changes to mission-critical business documents are usually left to chance.

The infoRouter document and collaboration management software platform provides and promotes a collaborative web based environment that is ideal for remote or distributed teams. Decision making, evaluating and management of proposals and projects are significantly improved through powerful communication methods such as email notifications, task management and team portals.

infoRouter DMS offers a web browser based, centralised "digital workspace" that promotes a community of informed users. Allows for content collaboration and gives users a document management platform to search and access important business content. You can save money on routine expenses such as travel because remote project members can be just as effective without having to travel.