Major New infoRouter Release 8.6xx


20th February, 2018

As part of the ongoing continuous development of infoRouter, a major new release '8.6.xx' is now available!

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New features

  • Advanced Searches can now be tied to user groups;
  • Anonymous Access can be shut-off, meaning that nothing of the infoRouter portal is available until after login;
  • New updated design.

To support some of these features, and further developments to come, please be aware of some important changes regarding Licence Keys, MySQL database platforms and 32-bit server platforms:

GDPR Compliance & the New Data Protection Laws


6th February, 2018

The use of technology alone will not ensure compliance with new Data Protection laws, but Document and Records Management software (DMS / EDMS), such as infoRouter, can play a key role for SMEs in the following areas within GDPR:


1. The right to be forgotten
2. The right of access
3. The right to data portability
4. Breach notification standards
5. Privacy by design

Check out our GDPR - How to be compliant with the new data protection laws article 
for checklists, guides and a whitepaper or call us on 01604 671177 for a web demo.

infoHR - infoExplorer Tools Video Pt4


22nd January, 2018

This video is the forth in a series explaining infoExplorer tools and introduces infoHR, the fast way to distribute and track the delivery of confidential Human Resources documents.

infoExplorer Tools Pt4 Thumb

infoHR is a secure method to send documents to employees, partners, or 3rd party organisations.

It comes into its own when you really need to be sure a document has been delivered and the recipient has read it – in other words, traceable document delivery with an audit trail and automatically published into  infoRouter document and records management software.


Please click HERE to view the video.

infoRouter is part of a suite of Business Process Automation software solutions that focus on improving document automation, workflow, collaboration and internal / external communication.

New Mobile Forms & Mobile Data Capture Application


15th January, 2018

We’re all looking to streamline our activities and targeting paper based tasks is a good place to start.

Design and Deploy electronic forms (and data capture applications) to mobile devices (Android or iOS) in minutes using infoForms!

infoForms tablet in hands


Capture Text, Signature, GPS location, Photo, Video, Audio, Barcode and more. But, the really clever bit is you can easily manage the information via our reporting dashboard, or we can auto-publish back to your line of business system (ERP, CRM, SharePoint, SQL, etc) via our universal connector.


Top Applications:

  • Any kind of Inspection Reports (Site, Vehicle, Safety, etc.)
  • Customer Questionnaire, Feedback and Surveys forms
  • Work Orders, Job Sheets & Time Sheets
  • Proof of Delivery /  Risk Assessments
  • Or any application where you need to capture data rapidly on the move.

Check out the infoForms Videos or call 01604 671177 for a web demo.

Simplified GDPR Document & Records Management System

Business Process Automation

8th January 2018

Document Genetics have a unique approach to turning documents into data!

Out-of-the-Box, infoRouter Document Management Software / EDMS system offers:

  • Archiving, Records Management & Searchable PDF's.
  • Customised indexing and Metadata (integral to GDPR compliance).
  • Automated document retention & deletion (supports a GDPR ready retention policy).
  • Security, Compliance (ISO & SOX), Workflow, Routing & Electronic Forms.
  • Simple user interfaces available (HR, patient records, invoice processing, etc.)
  • Seamless plugin for Microsoft Office - Word, Outlook, PowerPoint & Excel.
  • Cost effective, fast to deploy and instant ROI with our Pay as you Go licence.
  • PAYGo from £19.50 per user/month plus Rental/SaaS/Cloud payment options.

Check out our customer case studies or call 01604 671177 to request a web demo. 

Merry Christmas from Document Genetics

18th, December 2017


All the Directors and staff at Document Genetics would like to thank you for your continued support this year; we very much appreciate your custom.

For your information, our offices and technical support line will closed during the festive period from Friday 22nd December at 5.00pm and will re-open 9.00am on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

During this period please email support requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your query will be dealt with in the order received, upon our return.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

The Document Genetics' Team


infoExplorer Tools Video Part 3


27th November, 2017

This video is the third in a series explaining infoExplorer tools and introduces a simple and intuitive way to search and workflow approve documents residing in infoRouter document management software (EDMS / DMS).

infoExplorer Tools Pt3 Thumb


InfoExplorer enables any employee in your business (with the assigned rights) to search, view and workflow documents with virtually no training - this really is document management made easy!

Please click HERE to view the video.


infoRouter is part of a suite of Business Process Automation software solutions that focus on improving document automation, workflow, collaboration and internal / external communication.

T-Mobile Expand infoRouter EDMS usage

Business Process Automation

24th October, 2017

T-Mobile provide an advanced mobile 4G network and deliver outstanding wireless experiences to nearly 70 million customers throughout the US and infoRouter has been used for many year to satisfy their EDMS requirements.

T-Mobile's major application is an out-of-the-box Document Management system (i.e. version control, meta-data tagging, workflow, searching, subscription etc.), plus they've recently developed a world class call centre web application for which infoRouter provides the back-end document store.

With up to 20,000 infoRouter users, T-Mobile have over 14TB's of documents & files on multiple storage devices, using numerous servers, demonstrating the scale-ability of our industrial strength EDMS software!

Formate eVo Application: Enriching Kerridge K8 Printed Output

Business Process Automation

9th October, 2017

Formate eVo Enterprise Output Management (EOM) software has been deployed in a large retailer to enrich printed output from a Kerridge K8 business software installation

The requirement was to improve the design of printed invoices & quotations to closer match with their website and Formate's flexible design tool produced the contemporary look required. Furthermore, the multi-threading capability of Formate eVo makes sure that simultaneous printing in different stores at the same time is possible. 

Formate eVo removes constraints within the design and delivery of documents leaving ERP, Back-Office & Commercial software systems and by doing so offers the flexibility to transmit the right document in the right way and at the right time.

To find out more about ERP Enterprise Output Management please click HERE.

What is the bottomline of Document Management Software?


25th Sept, 2017

What is Doc Man optimized



The bottomline is that thousands of successful businesses are employing the skills of a Document Management Company such as Document Genetics with the objective of saving money and improving efficiency.


To find out more about Document Management, please visit the What is Document Management & Why Document Management pages on our web site.