agreenerchristmastreeChristmas 2015 Opening Hours

1st December 2015

For your information, our offices will close from 3pm Thursday 24th of December and will re-open at 9.00am on Monday 4th January 2016.

Information regarding technical support can be found on the Document Genetics technical blog page TechBlog.



New infoRouter Application / Module - infoComplaints

17th November 2015

Document Genetics have developed a new infoRouter application/module which has been designed to streamline the receipt and handling of customer complaints.


infoComplaints allows any person in the business to create a new complaint via a desktop app, or an Outlook email plugin and kick off a workflow to resolve the complaint.


Initially developed for a large manufacturing company, infoComplaints is scalable and addresses the needs of SME’s and small corporate organisations with exceptional ROI potential.


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.


Document-Genetics-GlobeDocument Archiving with Digital Mailroom

2nd November 2015

A key application for the Digital Mailroom is the archiving of historical, legacy and current documents. 

Additionally, a proven way to improve productivity and efficiency within any organisation is by optimising key business processes surrounding the handling of documents - thereby increasing competitiveness and reducing costs.

Whether a SaaS or on-premise solution, the Digital Mailroom makes departments more efficient and productive and offers immediate cost savings and a fast Return on Investment (ROI).

Please click here see more about the Digital Mailroom  


Document-Genetics-GlobeFormate eVo Launch - Update


26th Oct 2015


Document Genetics are very pleased to announce the following:


10 customers have upgraded Formate to Formate eVo.


Plus, 7 new customers have implemented Formate eVo as their ERP Output Management solution.


Document-Genetics-GlobeFormate User Group & eVo Launch


18th June 2015


Directors & Staff at Document Genetics would like to say a huge thanks to all the attendees at our Formate user group and Formate eVo official launch event held on Tuesday the 16th of June.


The Boeing 373NG simulator flight experience was won by John Whitehead from Grafton but he kindly offered the prize to his colleague Jon Uren.


eVo User Grp 2015



Document-Genetics-GlobeFormate User Group & eVo Launch


8th June 2015


As part of our Formate user group and Formate eVo official launch event to be held next week on Tuesday the 16th of June, we are offering the opportunity for an attendee to have a 60 minute flight experience in a Boeing 373NG simulator!


Once on the flight deck you will be in a 1:1 scale cockpit where every button and dial work like the real aircraft. This is not a toy but is being used daily for real world commercial pilot training - The last person in your seat could have been a Ryanair pilot preparing for an upcoming assessment or a British Airways Captain.


This simulator will provide an amazing insight into the world of the big jet pilot - (737 Flight simulator video).


Timing will be 9.30 – 3.30  (presentations starting at 10 am) with the 60 minute prize draw flight experience starting at 3.45. The event will be held at the Aviator Hotel, next to our offices in Sywell, Northampton NN6 0BN.


“What’s new in eVo” comparison chart is at


Please let us know if you would like to attend, but if you cannot make it please let us know and one our team will contact you to discuss.



Document-Genetics-GlobeNew Formate eVo Customer - Knott-Avonride Ltd.


27th May 2015


We are pleased to announce that we have a new Formate-eVo customer – Knott-Avonride Limited , suppliers of axles, brakes, cables and overrun couplings for trailers and industrial applications . See


Formate eVo has replaced the existing Bottomline's TransformTM, software which provided output management for their K3 Business Technology IBS ERP system.


In making this change, Document Genetics also replaced the customers archive Document Management System (InfoDoc) with infoRouter.


Neil Collins, Director & Company Secretary at Knott-Avonride Limited said "This is a new chapter in the development of our Management Systems, bringing Document Genetics and K3 together to give a high level of service and support."




Document-Genetics-GlobeFormate User Group Agenda


12th May 2015


We’d like to invite you to the Formate User Group 2015 and the official launch of Formate eVo on the 16th of June 2015.


See below an outline agenda -  It will be a great opportunity to meet other Formate users, share ideas/best practice and have some input on the future direction of Formate. On the day, we’ll also be holding a prize draw for a very unusual flight experience!


  • Welcome & coffee
  • Introduction
  • Official Formate eVo Launch, website & licencing
  • Interesting new functionality in eVo (part 1)
  • Refreshment break
  • Interesting new functionality in eVo (part 2)
  • Lunch
  • Formate customer applications & 3rd party integrations
  • Migration costs & training for eVo
  • Formate support & professional services
  • Q&A and flight experience prize draw 


Document-Genetics-GlobeDate for the 2015 Formate User Group Announced


5th May 2015


An important date for you diary.


We’re pleased to announce the 2015 Formate user group and the official launch of Formate eVo.


The event will be held on Tuesday 16th June starting from 10 am till 3.30 pm at  the Aviator Hotel, next to our offices in Sywell, Northampton NN6 0BN.


Further details will follow soon, but please feel free to let us know now if you can or cannot make it. 





27th April 2015


We’re uncovering some interesting applications for our secure document delivery portal (ParetoPost™),- a good example of this is the move to delivery of electronic payslips.

Traditionally companies have printed payslips, often on expensive secure stationery. This has a number of disadvantages: 

  • Expensive stationery
  • Cost to run and maintain printers
  • Energy used during printing
  • Cost to deliver payslips (either manually or via post)
  • Environmental impact