Will Abbyy FlexiCapture for Invoices work for me?


3rd Apr 2017

This guide to running an Abbyy invoice automation project considers the implications of solution complexity and cost of implementation.

 A guide to implementing Abbyy for Invoices frontSubjects covered are:

  • Is Abbyy for Invoices right for you?
  • What is Flexicapture for Invoices?
  • Header Level & Line Level explained.
  • Ball park cost estimates.
  • Delivery of Abbyy for Invoices projects.

Plus, Next Steps:

  • By completing a short on-line questionnaire we can provide indicative pricing and scope of your project requirements.
  • Details of Onsite Workshops.

Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Business Process Automation

14th March 2017

Customer Communications Management (CCM) is defined as the strategy to improve the creation, delivery, storage and retrieval of outbound communications... These interactions can happen through a widespread range of media and output, including documents, email, SMS and web pages (Gartner).

Formate Evo Output Management Software

Enterprise Output Management / ERP Output Management (EOM) solutions such as Formate eVo support these objectives by providing companies with software to improve outbound communications with their customers & partners.

Enterprise ERP Output Management Dynamic Document

Formate eVo allows companies to engage their customers with interesting documents containing relevant information and deliver them via the preferred delivery mechanism - post, email, sms, fax, XML, portal, MS SharePoint, Excel, Word, etc.

Although it is widely accepted that a well designed dynamic document is far more likely to communicate effectively and build empathy with customers, most Back Office / ERP systems aren't up to the job.

However, with Formate eVo EOM software, you have complete control over the design of your business documents and the final delivery mechanism(s).

Company Overview Video


6th Mar 2017

As with many businesses, here at Document Genetics we are constantly evolving and adapting to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

Company Overview Prezi VideoThis 3 minute company overview video explains Document Genetics' current role as a software development & services company specialising in Document Management Software, Enterprise ERP Output Management, Intelligent Document Capture & Mobile data Capture systems.

We achieve this by providing a suite of Business Process Automation software solutions that focus on improving document automation, workflow, collaboration and internal / external communication.

New Case Study about a non-stock Purchase Order system


27th Feb 2017

We have a new case study about how IMS Evolve implemented a cloud based non-stock Purchase Order creation, approval & payment process.

non-stock purchase order case study

IMS Evolve provide cloud connectivity and data management for all assets (from refrigeration to cash machines and from legacy machines to the latest technology). Analysing this machine data helps reduce waste & energy consumption and leads to improves maintenance regimes.

This case study demonstrates how Document Genetics helped IMS achieve an instant ROI with cost savings of over £14k pa.

Content Categorisation using Natural Language Processing

Business Process Automation

21st Feb 2017

PDFs, office documents, e-mails and texts are everywhere. Today the vast majority of information assets is unstructured and composed in natural language. Most organisations recognise the need to classify and organise these asset types, but why do so few actually practice it?

ABBYY Content Classification Solutions

The reality is that they largely lack the capabilities to do so...

In order to leverage unstructured content and transform dark data into actionable information, a new approach to classification is required: one that harnesses machine learning, linguistic and semantic technologies, allowing us to master the growing amount of unstructured data.

The Rise of Natural Language Processing

Categories help the human brain to organise the world. Research from Gartner predicts that the role of natural-language processing will increase in-line with the growing trend of AI and machine learning. However, in IT and business we still face information overload.

Latest infoRouter Version Released


30th Jan 2017

infoRouter Document Management Software


infoRouter Version 8.0

Software release notes for 8.5.138 available HERE.


Abbyy for Invoices Video Demonstrations Available


23rd Jan 2017

Video demonstations of Abbyy FlexiCapture for Invoices are now available on our website HERE.

ABBYY FlexiCapture for Invoices is a business-ready solution to automate invoice processing within the accounts payable process.

Part 1 demonstrates how to set up automatic data capture with Header Level Regcognition and Part 2 covers Line Level Recognition.

Document Genetics offer various solutions to help automate invoice processingso please contact us anytime on 01604 671177 about the different AP Automation options for your business.

Overview & Technology Guide for Processing Supplier Invoices


11th Jan 2017

We have a presentation available to help you understand ways of improving the manual processing of supplier invoices:

  1. Are you surrounded by a sea of paper or paying for offsite document storage?
  2. Would you like to reduce data entry time and save money?
  3. Do you want to streamline your Invoice Approval cycle?

AP Automation Presenation


If so, please take two minutes to read our brief overview and technology guide to help you make invoice data capture & processing simple, fast and error-free.

Regardless of format (paper, email, XML, etc.), invoice data can be captured with speed and accuracy, allowing staff to spend less time on manual data entry and more time supporting core business objectives - saving time and money with fast ROI!


Accounts Payable: Automating Invoice Processing User Guide


12th Dec 2016

Accuracy of captured data and integrity of this information throughout the business are the key factors for any effective and efficient Accounts Payable (AP) process.

Intelligent capture software allows for the early capture of data from invoices which are then sent electronically via the most appropriate workflow - Error rates are dramatically reduced, less manual intervention is required and invoices are processed faster which leads to a fast return on investment.

The User Guide below is not product focused but explores the Line Level vs Header Level debate and explains the tangible & intangible benefits of Automated Invoice Processing:

AP Automation User Guide


A User's Guide to Automated Invoice Processing (AP Automation)

Document Genetics offer several solutions to help you Automate Invoice Processing, so please feel free to contact us anytime on 01604 671177 for an informal chat about the AP Automation options for your business. 



infoRouter Workshop Presentations Now Available

infoRouter WS Header5th Dec 2016

Following 1st Dec Following a successful day yesterday, with 30+ customers attending our infoRouter Workshop, we are pleased to make all the presentations available via the link below:

infoRouter Workshop Prezi Presentations

We have embedded some videos within the Prezi which will play when clicked. Some of the videos are infographic in style but most are demonstrations of the products.

Many thanks to all of the attendees and contributors!

Please contact us anytime on 01604 671177 with any questions or to arrange a personalised demonstration.