infoVideo - infoExplorer Tools Video Part 2


14th August, 2017

This video is the second in a series explaining infoExplorer tools and introduces infoVideo, the fast way to capture webcam video and automatically publish to infoRouter document management software.

infoExplorer Tools Pt2 Thumb

infoVideo has been developed to capture picking bench activity, or any a task where you need to keep a video record for your audit trail and publish into infoRouter document management software.

Please click HERE to view the video.


infoRouter is part of a suite of Business Process Automation software solutions that focus on improving document automation, workflow, collaboration and internal / external communication.

infoUpload - infoExplorer Tools Video Part 1


31st July, 2017

Document Genetics are constantly evolving and adapting to meet the ever changing needs of our customers so please click HERE to view the video.

infoExplorer Tools Pt1 Thumb

This video is the first in a series explaining infoExplorer tools and introduces infoUpload, the fast way to index and publish documents into infoRouter document management software.

infoRouter is part of a suite of Business Process Automation software solutions that focus on improving document automation, workflow, collaboration and internal / external communication.


New Case Study - InfoRouter Project at PCM


17th July, 2017

New Customer Case Study from an infoRouter EDMS project for the digital transformation of Legacy & historical paper documents.

Fast ROI, efficiency improvements and improved customer service were some of the advantages of the Document Genetics EDMS solution!

PCM xsmall


Click HERE to view the case ctudy (no registration required).


"The whole implementation was seamless and we enjoyed the benefits of the solution immediately. l would highly recommend the first class Services & Support from Document Genetics" Dave Burrows, UK General Mgr, PCM Pumps.

New Case Study for Cloud Based non-stock Purchase Order system


3rd July, 2017

We have a new case study about how IMS Evolve implemented a cloud based non-stock Purchase Order creation, approval & payment process.

IMS Evolve provide cloud connectivity and data management for all assets (from refrigeration to cash machines and from legacy machines to the latest technology). Analysing this machine data helps reduce waste & energy consumption and leads to improves maintenance regimes.

This case study demonstrates how Document Genetics helped IMS achieve instant ROI with cost savings of over £14k pa. Click HERE to download (no registration required).

Kodak Scanners Cash Back & Trade In Offers

Business Process Automation

26th June 2017

Details about the Q2 2017 promotion on Kodak Business Scanners are available below:

Kodak Q2 2017 Promotions





Click HERE to download a PDF about the latest Kodak Alaris Scanner promotion (no registration required).






10 ways to supercharge your ERP Output

Business Process Automation

20th June 2017

This e-Book is essential reading for Business & IT Managers and makes a compelling case to take a fresh look at many of your existing ERP output processes.

10 Ways Thumb

Enterprise Output Management (EOM) software provides solutions for creating engaging, richly formatted and dynamic ERP documents - maximising your company's efficiency by automating labour intensive processes and capitalising on your customer communications management (CCM) potential.

Whether you run Microsoft Dynamics AX, SAP or any other back office ERP software, we can streamline your ERP processes without complex, time consuming and expensive custom development requirements.

View your free PDF guide HERE (no registration required).

Shearings Holidays Record Growth


6th June 2017

Tour operator, Shearings Holidays, who use our Formate eVo (ERP Enterprise Output Management Software) for streamlining & improving output from their reservation system as part of their Customer communicationManagement strategy, have increased profits by 30%!

Document Genetics have enjoyed a productive relationship with Shearings since 2004 and have constantly striven to improve efficiency and save money.

The full article can be found HERE or take a look at the case study (no registration required).

New Customer Testimonial - InfoRouter Project at PCM


16th May 2017

We're proud to let you know that we have recieved a written reference from PCM, a new infoRouter EDMS customer.

"We have recently implemented a Document Management Solution through Document Genetics. 

The initial sales support and technical advice to meet our requirements from DG - and in particular Joe Hyde - has been absolutely first class......"

To download a PDF copy of the original letter please click HERE (no registration required).

The Legacy Document Challenge


2nd May 2017

Most business managers understand that organising information effectively and making it easier to find saves money and improves efficiency, but what about all those historical and legacy documents stored in filing cabinets and boxes?

The task of digitising these documents may seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be that way because we have simplified the Legacy Document Challenge by creating Document Archiving Bundles to meet the needs of any archiving project:

• Easy to use Bullet Proof Scanners plus Full Page OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
• Application of Metadata to assist classification & retrieval
• Browser based search client & free web-services API
• Database Lookups & Barcode Recognition.
• Lease, rental or outright purchase options
• Ready to use within a few hours!

To download a PDF with more information about dealing with the challenges of historical or legacy documents please click HERE (no registration required).

Information Management Fuels Your Digital Transformation Efforts


19th April 2017

By Bruce Orcutt @

Where are we going with digital transformation — and how can we overcome key obstacles to success?

We've heard industry pundits and solution vendors evangelize the benefits of digital transformation initiatives.

Get a mortgage by applying for a loan and submitting tax and ID forms via a mobile phone. Submit an auto accident claim — even provide supporting photos and schedule a car rental — all from a mobile phone.

Digital Everything
However, we've already seen what digital transformation can do through the disruption of many consumer services. Think of Blockbuster Entertainment's physical stores versus digital streaming on Netflix, and taxi services versus ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber.