Latest version of infoRouter DMS software released


21st July 2014

infoRouter DMS software version 8.3020 has recently been released.

There have been a number of improvements to the workflow functionality, which include the addition of task related reports and statistics. In addition, HTML5 support is further improved for IE9 and 10.

Existing users wanting to update infoRouter can run the IRLiveUpdate facility.

More detailed info can be found in the release notes - click here.



The New DG ERP Automation Server


30 June 2014

View our new Prezi presentation on The ERP Automation Server. click here to view

Marketing and communication is critical for maintaining excellent customer service –successful businesses want to make every document they send to a customer count!

Unfortunately, ERP systems were never designed to allow a marketing team to tailor the document output to each and every one of their customers.

The Automation Server gives the following benefits:

  • Ability to dynamically add marketing messages or other documents to any customer communication
  • Advanced document design –barcodes, multiple overlays or T&Cs, OMR etc.
  • Ability to deliver the document by Print, Fax, Text, Email, Archive or Web Portal or any logical combination
  • Secure Web Portal (ParetoPost) provides security and traceability
  • Secure Email transmission with digitally signed PDF documents
  • Document Reviewer allows selective preview, delete or send facility

Document-Genetics-GlobeGo Green with Document Genetics

4th June 2014

Here are some interesting statistics for you to consider:

  • 1 million invoices = 133 trees
  • 1 million invoices = 36 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) footprint
  • 1 tree = 9,000 pieces of paper
  • 1 million invoices = 20 tons of paper

Everyone wishes a paperless office existed in their company; it has fantastic potential to save money and space, provide faster access to documents and improve customer service!

Document-Genetics-GlobeinfoRouter Update - 8.3.014

19th May 2014


infoRouter Maintenance Release 8.3.014 available via the infoRouter web update tool.

The release notes can be found at

8.3.014 release Notes



Press Release: Support for Windows XP and Internet   Explorer 8


16th May 2014


We are sure that you have heard Microsoft stopped support for Windows XP at the beginning of April, but you may not be aware at the same time they have also ended support for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).


We have waited for the dust to settle as none of the products we supplied are thus far affected due to Microsoft stopping support. However, going forward you do need to consider that the use of these unsupported products is likely to become more of a problem, specifically:


Firstly, although current installations of Formate on XP it will continue to function just as it always has, the existence of an XP machine on your network may prove to be a vulnerability in future, and it can't be guaranteed that future versions of Formate will be installable on XP.


Secondly, the ability to use IE8 to access infoRouter, whilst supported on your current instance of infoRouter , may cease at any time as IE8 compatibility will no longer be a consideration in infoRouter Development. (As a Microsoft partner, Active Innovations has followed Microsoft's lead on the support of IE8). In practical terms, this means that any Microsoft Windows Server update, or infoRouter update could lead to problems using IE8 with infoRouter.

We would be grateful if you could contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Technical Director, if you do have any system provided by us running on XP, or you use IE8, so that we can build a database to better support you in future.

Document-Genetics-GlobeInformation risk higher for acquisitions than mergers, study reveals

15th May 2014

Company acquisitions can have a devastating impact on information security and management, with the employees of acquired firms more preoccupied with the potential impact on their role than with the need to effectively integrate the information of both companies, according to new European research. This lack of focus during an acquisition could leave information at increased risk of loss or exposure. The picture is different when companies merge, and employees stay focused on integration and ensuring company information remains well managed.

infoRouter workshop - 15 Cool Ideas

9th May 2014

I'm sure you're aware of the many amazing features hidden "beneath the bonnet" of infoRouter - our goal at Document Genetics is to help you get maximum business value from infoRouter.

With this in mind, we're holding two infoRouter workshops on the 22nd May and the 11th June 2014 where you can discover how infoRouter could further improve efficiency within your organisation.

Document-Genetics-GlobeNEW CASE STUDY ON EUROPA COMPONENTS - From Post to Prosperity

6th May 2014

View our new Prezzi case study on our customer Europa Components and ParetoPost has helped their business.

View it here

Document-Genetics-GlobeNew Central Scanning Solution Uses PC-Free Network Connectivity to Provide Easy Access to Work Teams

24th April 2014

A new line of network scanners from Kodak Alaris provides organizations with a central scanning solution that allows users to efficiently capture information from documents and route it into key business processes without the need for a dedicated PC. Until now, many organizations have been unable to automate some paper-based business processes because a PC isn't appropriate for the work location (e.g. employees in a particular department don't require PCs). In other instances, employees may have PCs but it's preferable that they are limited to performing specific tasks. The KODAK Scan Station 700 Series is ideal for either scenario.

Document-Genetics-GlobeDocument Genetics acquires infoStream Solutions

17th April 2014

You may be interested to learn that we have recently acquired a business who were formerly one of our infoRouter product partners (infoStream Solutions) which has therefore opened up our new Hosted Solutions Department within Document Genetics.  This is an exciting time for us and trust there could perhaps be benefits in this for you as well.

Frequently we are challenged to keep up with our customers’ demands and requirements and to this end we have now split our areas of expertise into the following:

If there are any specific areas of interest within these segments or you think there could be a potential project on the horizon please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01604 671177 or email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.